A fifteen-win Green Bay Packer season came to an abrupt end at Lambeau Field in January 2012, when the team was booed off the field at halftime, just after the New York Giants completed the Hail Mary touchdown.

The boo-birds were out early in the game today, with the Giants leading, but the halftime Hail Mary went from Aaron Rodgers to Randall Cobb.  A Twitter poster in Detroit recognized what was to come, and come it did.

Time to go 1-0 this week.
“Adversity is inevitable in this game. It comes almost every game, comes every season. The good teams overcome it and use it as a weapon,” said veteran guard T.J. Lang. “You hit that adversity point and we’ve been through it a lot. We understand how to respond.”

The seven teams remaining have been put on notice.
Divisional round, Sunday afternoon, Dallas.

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