BUG OR FEATURE, DEPENDING ON YOUR PERSPECTIVE. New York Senator Hillary Clinton appeared on Meet The Press to recite her argument about the most radical administration of recent times attempting to undo the New Deal. Poli Blog finds the allegation a bit much, given the recent passage of an expensive Medicare reform (and one could mention the assorted projects that used to come under the rubric of Public Works Administration or Works Progress Administration that now appear as riders on various bills.) Given the accumulating evidence of the ineffectiveness of much of the New Deal legislation (reminder: Motor Carrier Act, Air Carrier Act, deposit insurance, financial cartels) the undoing of the rest is a topic for serious debate. Not only that, the cohort of voters who Senator Clinton would expect to reach for the stakes and the garlic if someone says "undo the New Deal" is likely to be smaller in number and higher in median age as time passes.

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