WHAT DOES THE CHEMLAWN MAN DO OVER WINTER? Strings the Christmas lights, according to Virginia Postrel. Does that create more winners? We're back to Wilmette and Waukegan again, this time in the outsourcing of the Christmas lights.

Ms Postrel notes a cohort effect in the use of light-stringing services: older people view them as frivolous. Heck, older people might view the house-lighting tradition as frivolous. I recall a Mad parody of religion, in which one house with a simple lighted cross (or perhaps the word PEACE) was between two gaudy-by-1960s standards with the Santas, reindeer, Magi, illuminated trees and whatnot, and one spectator remarked to another, "I guess they're not very religious." A couple of five-bulb Advent candles served my parents well enough in those days.

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