COLLEGE SURE IS TOUGH. Schoolteacher Patrick Welsh sees the downside of "access" (in this case, it's particularly insidious as the beneficiaries are probably paying full fare.)
I agree that a sense of entitlement, a feeling that their parents will take care of them, is part of the problem. Every year I see kids who do next to nothing in class getting into college, including Virginia state schools. "It's a joke to see some of these jaded people going to college where they will just party harder and faster, away from home so they won't get caught," says Sarah Ball.
Where, presumably enough of them will manage to do just enough work to avoid probation, despite the reality check that awaits even better students, as Number 2 Pencil and Newmark's Door have noted and commented upon. Betsy's Page identifies anecdotal evidence that tough love might improve student performance. (Didn't we know some of those things, say in the late 1950s, before the experts started questioning everything?)

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