JUST SUCK IT UP. Michael at Highered Intelligence (via Joanne Jacobs, who hails his return) is not impressed with the latest manufactured crisis the New York Times has discovered, this time the lack of therapeutic resources on university campuses.
Kids need to suck it up and deal. Their parents need to raise them to face difficulties with maturity, grace, and honor. Hey... that's a really nice trio of virtues -- gotta remember that one. Maturity, Grace, and Honor. Goes right up there with Fortitude, Wisdom, and Temperance.
Gee, you don't suppose that enrollment-retention-keep the dorms filled mentality might have anything to do with the problem. Perhaps if students were better prepared for university while in high school -- hey, why not start the preparation in first grade? -- they might have an easier time functioning when they arrive on campus.

None of which stops the Faculty Senate at Northern Illinois University from worrying about ... parking??
Senators commented that traffic from the DuSable bus turnaround has only been relocated to the Chick Evans Field House parking lot. “There is no place for people to drop students off at other than the library,” Sen. [and mathematics professor] Joseph Stephen said. “There is no place like that for the west side of campus.”
Much of the accompanying article on the Faculty Senate meeting is incoherent, so perhaps the professor is being quoted out of context. At class-changing time, the west campus looks like a middle school, only the people doing the dropping off are the same age as the people being dropped off. I'll bet the median drop-off distance is ten blocks or less.

Likewise, there has to be more to this observation from an English professor.

Students are working a lot harder now to pay for tuition, sometimes between 30 and 40 hours a week, said Sen. John Knapp.

“I used to assign eight to 10 big novels for my class,” Knapp said. “Now I am fortunate to get five or six small novels done.”

Have the high schools become less effective at teaching reading?

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