WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH KANSAS? Robert Reich (via Right Wing News) has read the book (details or compare prices) and come to a somewhat different understanding of it than have I. Methinks the intellectual wing of the Democratic Party downplay the cultural issues at their peril. To my mind, it does no good to let the lifestyles of the rich and famous (love children, recreational drugs, farming out the kids to nannies) trickle down to everybody (I think Bob Tyrrell made this point some years ago) and Mr Reich's invocation of the old us-against-the-power themes neglects the reaction to that to his peril. Mr Reich refers to another book, The Right Nation, that is on my to-buy list. (It includes inter alia a comparison of Speaker Hastert's district (where I live) with Minority Leader Pelosi's.) I promise some book notes (and a card deck update) once the latest conference is done.

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