SIXTY YEARS AGO Sgt. Karlson and the 87th left the mudfield.
Series of rapid jumps across France through Reims, Chateau Thierry to Metz and took forts there. Heavy artillery from Germans. Bad motor rides in rainy, cold weather; ate K rations and cold C rations most of the time. First combat at German forts.
At Metz, went into combat shelling several German forts, following Patton. Stayed in abandoned hospital for about a week, and warmed up and dried out. Dealt with frequent unfriendly fire while here.
The entry for December 14 reads,
Went into the Saar mid December into full combat. Several miserable days later pulled into Wolfling, France (Saar valley). Black nights. (A person was assigned to lead trucks into town due to poor vision conditions). Lived there for a few days (muddy fields in a filthy farm town). Shelled heavily by German 88's, and spent time on cold wet dirt.
We know that the Germans are preparing operation Wacht am Rhein, which Allied readers will know as the Battle of the Bulge. More to come.

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