LOCAL POLITICS. DeKalb Township had a referendum on the Iraq campaign.

DeKalb citizens voted with a 58 percent majority that the U.S. government should immediately begin withdrawal of military personnel from Iraq.

Several voters said they were happy the question was on the ballot although its effectiveness was debated.

"I don't think it will do anything, but I hope it will reflect this community's opinion that we should pull out," said Anthony Ruffino, a senior business German translation major.

One constituent spoke of the effect on citizens' families.

"I hope they take the people's opinions," said sophomore journalism major Angelica Sanchez. "It should count. Those are peoples' brothers, sisters, husbands and wives over there."

The proposition only accounts for DeKalb citizens and does not officially change anything.

"I suppose it depends on the rest of the country," said Democratic supporter Walt Wagener. "If it's only DeKalb it's one thing. If it's part of a national movement, it is significant."

In Sycamore, the residents voted not to direct Governor Blagojevich to refuse callups of the Illinois National Guard for overseas duty. If there's a referendum for Illinois to secede from the Union I will advise readers.

There will be a recount in DeKalb County. The Democrats have a one-person majority on the county board on the strength of a 10-vote margin in the Second District (Genoa, Kingston, and Kirkland, good Milwaukee Road towns all.)

Representative Hastert has indicated that he will not seek a leadership position in the House Republican Caucus.

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