BOOKENDS. The last team to beat ZooCon was Stanford, with former Secretary of State Rice, a onetime deputy provost, looking on. The next-to-last team to beat ZooConn was Stanford, toward the end of the 2008 basketball tournament. The broadcasters were noting that the longest winning streak in men's collegiate basketball began following UCLA's (motto: On! Wisconsin) loss to Notre Dame, and it ended with a loss to Notre Dame. In those years, however, Notre Dame might not have been the best among the also-rans, as the Marquette Warriors (none of this Golden Chicken stuff) and Kentucky were pretty strong. It's hard to characterize Stanford as an also-ran in the women's game, in which Them That Has Gets, and Them include ZooConn, Rocky Top, and Stanford.

Is a run of 90 wins in basketball more difficult to achieve than a run of 132 years defending the America's Cup?

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