With the new year, a number of DeKalb area businesses close.
JCPenney is the latest addition to a list of companies leaving the DeKalb market. Barnes & Noble closed Dec. 31; meanwhile the General Electric plant will close Jan. 30 and Big Lots plans a Jan. 31 closure.
General Electric have been winding down efforts in the former glider and cruise missile factory for years.  Penney, along with a number of the other former middlebrow mass-marketers, have been squeezed for years; the Popular Perspective is that retailing either caters to the high end or to the low end clientele as there no longer is a middle.  Thus the departure of Big Lots is intriguing.  Is there such a thing as saturation among the dollar stores?  At least I was able to replace a pair of carpet slippers and some inner pillow covers at the Penney post-Christmas clearance.

The departure of Barnes and Noble means DeKalb-Sycamore are home to a large university, but to no large bookstores.  Yes, there are are a few general interest books in the Village Commons and Holmes Student Center bookstores, but Amazon's drone fleet is likely to have more missions to fly.

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