Likely Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton used a foreign policy address to trash Donald Trump.

It didn't play well on the right.

Legal Insurrection:
In fact, the bulk of the “national security” address was merely a tirade against Donald Trump. To say that Clinton was scripted would be an understatement. Her address was a droning fantasy, clearly read from a teleprompter, of how awesome her credentials are.

The few times she was enthusiastic and actually showed some spark was when she vigorously attacked Trump — not even ISIS or Iran was the focus of such rhetorical ire.
For "spark," read "dialed up the strident."  And people got bored and left early.

Thomas Lifson offers links to Legal Insurrection and assorted other reactions.  "Hillary, in contrast, offers more of the same, which hasn’t been working very well."

Kevin Gosztola, somewhere to Mrs Clinton's left, also objects to "more of the same."
The United States has taken the “lead” in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Syria, and in all of those countries, the military action taken has fueled chaos and enabled the rise of terrorist organizations, including al Qaida affiliates.

That is not to say that Trump has the answers, but to point out that American “leadership” does not have a stellar record of preventing chaos, particularly when mounting operations under the umbrella of the war against terrorism.
There is an opportunity for the Republicans, or the Libertarians, if they would but take it.

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