At Raw Story, a degradation of Amtrak service becomes the restoration of the Gilded Age.  "Separate and unequal train service returns on Trump’s Amtrak."
Team Trump forced Amtrak to limit dining car access on four long haul routes to passengers who paid for roomettes. More routes will be affected in the future.

Those in the cheap seats are now barred from the dining cars.
Those in the sleeping cars have a mostly empty space in which to partake of their boxed meals.  But because another Republican effort to do away with long-distance trains appears to be offering benefits to the carriage trade, it's evil.
Historically Amtrak dining cars had tables with linens, prepared meals cooked to order and took reservations for seating time. Passengers who paid a premium for private roomettes had the cost of meals built into their fares.  All other classes were also welcome in the dining car, they just paid for their meals.

Team Trump is ending integration of economic classes and denying the ability to purchase dining car meals for coach passengers.
Yes, and if the common carrier railroads had been more effective at knocking off the dining cars, there might not have been an Amtrak in the first place. But if you're D. C. Johnson, it's easier to see the separate dining experiences as somehow Favoring Privilege, when what it's really doing is making the sleeping car passengers, who might or might not be Privileged, less likely to favor continuing Amtrak as it exists.
Those meals for passengers paying premium prices include red wine braised beef as well as creole shrimp and andouille sausage. The first beer or glass of wine is included.

But even these premium passengers will no longer enjoy table linens. And instead of freshly cooked eggs for breakfast they will get a “deluxe” continental breakfast. That means sugary and starchy breads along with hard boiled eggs.
That might be, but even a hardcore ideologue has to recognize reality.
Economic segregation and degrading meal service will almost certainly suppress ticket sales at all fares. That will likely result in fewer people riding Amtrak, especially long haul trains.

Making Amtrak trains less pleasant encourages more people to travel by car and airplane, transportation modes which contribute more to global warming than relatively fuel-efficient trains.
Not to mention, the airways and the roadways are government properties, meaning they're illustrations of how the government subsidizes traffic jams and flight cancellations.

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