"Because cellphones enable people to report emergencies quickly, for instance, it is difficult to get consensus on whether to regulate them, experts say." That leaves Light of Reason unimpressed. His preference:

"Here's one sensible comment:

"Travis Larson, spokesman for the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, calls the proposal ''a blunt instrument trying to fix a fairly small problem.'

'''We can't outlaw rude people,' Larson says. 'We can only hope to educate them. Cellphones already come with a large number of tools to make them less invasive in public spaces

That's called socialization. Schools used to do it: not playing well with others, or not respecting authority, or generally acting like your origins were in the lower orders, used to be grounds for detention, or suspension, or exile to reform school. Alas, socialization of that form is oppressive, it marginalizes people, and it's chock full of hegemonic biases. So instead we have to outlaw cell-phone use in public spaces.

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