MORE SUMMER READING. Recently finished (rather quickly) Robin Moore's The Hunt for Bin Laden. It's written by a reporter who has been a colleague of the Special Forces for a long time (details -- comparison shop.) Makes me wish the word about the Special Forces had been out many years ago -- perhaps I would have taken gym class more seriously and followed up in a different way on the aptitude I showed for languages. There's a lot of interesting stuff once the forces get in country, including their efforts to avoid being used by one warlord against another (some of the Northern Alliance people followed the maxim, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, as long as the Main Enemy was Taliban, then all bets were off,) and one English-speaking, former-biker warlord, who later discovered a Koranic justification for primum nocte, and no longer received support from the Special Forces.) In the epilogue, p. 319, is a passage that might shed some insight on "bring 'em on." "Occasionally, a quiet and humble man brought his wife along to visit the wounded in Walter Reed Army Medical Center. In the rare moments when there was a small opening in his schedule, he would take the time to visit his soldiers.
One day, on a visit, kept quiet as usual for security reasons, the couple paused to see a soldier whose distraught wife had just arrived. Laura Bush hugged her close, not knowing what else to do.
After eight long years of neglect and embarrassment, the U.S. military finally had a real commander and chief

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