PROCESS, NUANCE, FAILURE DOUBLEHEADER. No sooner do I comment on the fecklessness of the Silent Generation than do I discover two shining examples of their feckless thought to comment on. Here's Ira Chernus: "Change need not require war. A society that chooses stalemate because war is the only alternative it can imagine is an impoverished society. It has no way to pursue, or even consider, new possibilities for cooperation and progress. Genuine security eludes it. After fifty years, it is time for the U.S. to move beyond the frighteningly narrow policies of containment and conquest, to look for new approaches to genuine cooperative peace, in Korea and all over the world." Mightn't it be time for the North Koreans to consider new possibilities, such as joining the rest of the modern world and throwing off Communism? Might even make for a good doctoral dissertation or so. Then there's Hubert Locke, who no doubt knuckled under each time the administration cut his budget: "Yet at some point, we will have to turn Iraq back to its citizens and, given the demographics of the country, inevitably this will mean a nation in which a Shiite majority holds the reins of political power. That reality likely will give us a nation that looks politically, and perhaps religiously, very much like its next-door neighbor -- Iran." Sounds like a good reason to stick around and convince all the participants in the constitutional convention of the value of an Establishment Clause, not to dismiss the whole exercise as a quagmire.

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