President Bush's comparison the other day of the war on terrorism with the war on Nazi Germany was not without validity, although few historians probably would sign on to the idea. In each case, U.S. men and women launched an invasion to free people from a brutal and despotic regime. In each case, Americans became liberators, even if Iraq's prospects over the long term remain uncertain.

And 60 years ago, though we tend to forget this, there were critics who blamed the president for what they considered a trumped-up war rather than blame those who had attacked America.

The editorial board at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel tackle the parallels, and lack thereof, between the war against the fascists of the 1940s and the war against the fascists of the 00s.

A little historical perspective. Some of President Roosevelt's critics on the right came unhinged, to the detriment of the right opposition in the 1950s. President Reagan had a similar effect on some of his critics on the left, which continues to affect the left opposition these days.

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