ORIGINAL OUTCOME CONFIRMED AFTER EXTENSIVE RECOUNTING. No, this is not a post about the 2000 Florida vote count. It's a sports report. Wisconsin's Dontez Sanders returned a fumble for a touchdown. But, because the replay official thought he saw Mr Sanders pick up the football whilst one knee was touching the ground, play resumed with Wisconsin credited with a fumble recovery at midfield. A few plays later, Wisconsin's Anthony Davis broke a long run and stepped out of bounds -- somewhere. On the same drive, Wisconsin quarterback John Stocco threw a touchdown pass -- or was it? -- to Jonathan Orr. The replay offcial did not see fit to review the play. Central Florida acting coach Dave Huxtable did not have the ability to request a review.

I suppose the hard-working political scientists who have been spending their Labor Day weekend in conference -- taking a pass on the start of the college football season or the pro beach volleyball tournament at North Avenue Beach -- not to mention Wisconsin faculty working away at home oblivious to game day -- could come up with a reasoned disquisition on the importance of due process and weighing all the evidence. But let's keep this in perspective. It's a FOOTBALL GAME, not the Congress of Vienna. Instant replay review -- to use the scientific term -- sucks.

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