SORRY, PREPPIES. Wisconsin 2, Boston College 1. Jim at Blogs for Industry was able to watch and live-blog at the same time. The Journal-Sentinel paid two reporters to do the same. Boston College scored first, on a defensive lapse. Wisconsin tied it early in the second, when Robbie Earl was knocked down and then ignored by the defenders. In the third, the Badger power play (which one of the broadcasters was criticizing for passing up good shots to attempt better shots) got the old Russian weave working and Tom Gilbert scored on a centering pass from Joe Pavelski. ????! (I'm attempting to make "sito" using Cyrillic. Updated 10 April: Figured it out!)

One more national title for the Western Collegiate Hockey Association.
With the win, Wisconsin becomes the first school to win both the men's and women's hockey championships in the same season.
And one little sibling rivalry averted.
The first person who I saw hold it was Adam Burish, who won't have to endure a life of ribbing from his sister, Nikki, who won the women's title a few weeks ago.
First brother-sister act to make all tournament?

Between now and the next college hockey season, some pointers for the uninitiated.

University Diaries linked to a Slate investigation of prep-school lacrosse culture that made the following invidious comparison.
Campus activists and intellectuals generally pay lacrosse players little mind, except when they're griping about how ghoulishly they behave in the cafeteria. In the eyes of their bookish classmates, lax guys occupy the far end of the dirt spectrum, even beyond hockey players.
That's a reference to the players on teams not in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association or their former alliance partners in Hockey East. Wisconsin increasingly grows its own (current women's coach Mark Johnson and the Madison Memorial kids played some friendlies on the outdoor rink behind the Hilldale shopping center) or recruits out of the mining districts of Canada. Current men's coach Mike Eaves sent two sons to play at ... Boston College.

Our friends in North Dakota require some instruction in cheering protocols. Chad the Elder claims Wisconsin has only two cheers, SIEVE! and We. Want. More. That's debatable! Those are the two most useful. There are more, most of which would violate this site's profanity policy. But I remember one from the days when Wisconsin hockey was a cult event at the Coliseum, when the student seating was festival seating and the team got a standing ovation when it skated out to warm up, when the cheering after an opponent had a goal disallowed broke that opponent's momentum, before the social set started going to hockey games to be seen and be seen at the beer garden.

It went something like this: Knit one, purl two, Fighting Sioux, boo-hoo!

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