NEW GOLDEN CHICKEN DELIVERY VANS? OK, I should cut Marquette University some slack as it appears their basketball team will play Wisconsin-Milwaukee, but news of a fleet of yellow Hummers for the use of the men's and women's coaching staffs is too delicious to resist. Marquette Warrior recommends some investigative reporting by The Triumvirate. The chairman of Marquette's Board of Trustees is a graduate who has done pretty well by selling ... Hummers.

Seems simple to me. Even logical. I don’t really agree with tuition dollars being spent in this way, even if the H3s are from Bergstrom’s dealership and are extremely discounted. It seems to conflict with Marquette’s constantly professed “social justice” effort, not to mention common fiscal sense in this time of high gas prices.

This is much like the recent coffee coersion incident, if you are basing your decisions on sound business logic (maybe these Hummers will help bring in talent?), great, but realize that you are speaking out of both sides of your mouth when you preach an almost socialist strain of social justice and rely on capitalist cost benefit analysis.

Whether Marquette athletics is a separate corporation or still an administrative unit of the university, the provision of this motor pool is not likely to sit well with some of the faculty, particularly those who might agree with this.

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