CELERY!!! I admit to enjoying a minimalist commercial from the orange juice cartel (which played well with test audiences) in which some kids are at a birthday party whaling on a pinata, and thanks to Jewbiquitous, I have a link to the commercial itself (select "Birthday"), should you not yet have seen it.

The children yell "celery" and rush towards it. Craziness ensues, and the children run away, clutching their celery, looking sort of like teeny savages, brandashing [c.q.] teeny green spears.

The voiceover says "if only it were this easy to get children to eat healthy. Since it isn't why not start the day with Florida Orange Juice."

It is pretty good, although if I were rating commercials, there are some messages for a Rockford clinic that pretty effectively suggest patients won't have long and variable waits to see the doctor. But what is with the one apparently jaded girl shaking boxes and tossing them, and another one washing her hands in the punch bowl?

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