One of these days, I'll figure out how to dub some music on these things. I can report that some of the knocks have been taken out of the mechanism, the gearbox is running smoothly, and I'm fettling out some of the small valve gear components.

I have also found pictures and plans of some intriguing twelve-wheel bathtub gondolas. In a dusty corner of the library I also located a document by comrade N. N. Nyetnyev, describing some research at the Lomonosov Institute on rotary couplers. We thus have evidence, dear reader, that the Soviet Union went the Virginian Railway one better on coal transport and invented the unit coal train, during the Third Five Year Plan. All glory to Comrade Stalin!

I am also pleased to report that my videos, with or without dubbed sound, are not art, and therefore do not have to be taken down when they become too controversial.

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