EXPLAINING THE PRODUCTIVITY SLOWDOWN?  The storm system that's providing an opportunity to catch up on some gruntwork also cooled things off in Dallas.

The Dallas Cowboys don't have an indoor practice facility.  Forrest Gregg's Southern Methodist University doesn't have an indoor practice facility.  Highland Park High School has an indoor practice facility, which for this week has become the southern extension of the Don Hutson Center.
Originally, [Green Bay] was supposed to use SMU’s field in Highland Park, just north of Dallas. However, the field has no roof and is now covered in snow and ice. Now the Packers will use Highland Park High School’s indoor practice facility. When Green Bay linebacker A.J. Hawk was asked about the facility, he didn’t hide his fondness. “I’m from Ohio and high school football is pretty big; at least we think it is,” Hawk said. “Texas football is amazing. Everything in Texas is great.” The Packers will face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV on Sunday.
Great for football (In communities with insufficient young men to fill eleven positions, Texas high schools have a seven-player version), but -- research question alert -- might No Child Left Behind have appeared to work in Texas because the resources go to the football programs, rather than the chemistry labs, and no way is the quarterback going to be left behind in geometry?

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