FASTER AND MORE FREQUENT.  In the current political climate, another round of grants for Passenger Rail projects seems unlikely, but Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett has a proposal ready to go should a request be issued.
The state of Wisconsin won $810 million in stimulus money to create high-speed rail service between Milwaukee and Madison, but Gov. Scott Walker returned the money to the federal government after his election in November. Barrett said that was a loss to Milwaukee's efforts to attract businesses and people, but said he will pursue rail grants for the Milwaukee-to-Chicago line the next time the federal government accepts applications for rail money.

"Within the next few years, we will need additional trains on the Milwaukee-Chicago run," Barrett said. "That would increase our daily trains from seven to nine or even more and further strengthen Milwaukee’s economy."
The figure of merit for The Milwaukee Road is twelve trains each way each day, perhaps with more even spacing, and the running time to beat is seventy-five minutes. Some of these things could be accomplished relatively cheaply.

It appears, though, as if new rolling stock is being prepared.  The manufacturer is considering moving its train factory to Illinois.  (There's an interurban factory a-building in Rochelle that might be material for a post one of these days.)

Talgo plant in Milwaukee
Fox 6 photograph.

Change the white to orange, make the red maroon, and add some gray trim and gold lettering and you'd have something spectacular.

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