At Addicting Info, the sun still shines bright on Stephen Foster's New Deal Home.
Without taxes, our lifestyles would be totally different and much harder. America would be a third world country. The less we pay, the less we get in return. Americans pay less taxes today since 1958 and is ranked 32nd out of 34 of the top tax paying countries. Chile and Mexico are 33rd and 34th. The Republicans are lying when they say that we pay the highest taxes in the world and are only attacking taxes to reward corporations and the wealthy and to weaken our infrastructure and way of life. 
Such spectacular reasoning, coming after a list of 102 government programs he would urge anyone who "[doesn't] like taxes or government" to refrain from using.

The simple rebuttal: opposing the expansion of government or the raising of tax rates does not imply anarchist leanings.

The more nuanced rebuttal:  many of the programs on the list, beginning with "Social" "Security" and Medicare and continuing through libraries, museums, and schools, are activities that might be more effectively provided by for-profit enterprises in competitive markets.

Some things idiotic lazy dogs ought not be doing.

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