At the end of August, the comparison of the most commonly reported unemployment rate with the expectations of the designers of the economic stimulus looked like this.

Now comes the sickly, stagnant September jobs report, unless you're really optimistic.  There is improvement in both the U-3 unemployment rate and the participation-rate-held-constant estimate.

This chart has already been circulated by Insta Pundit.

There's a more instructive chart in the American Enterprise Institute post that is serving as source.

That's the U-Six unemployment rate, which started trending upward with the swearing in of Speaker Pelosi, and has been heading generally downward since the swearing in of the Tea Party House of Representative.  Those are both coincidences, not likely to be confirmed by any sort of serious social science.

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David Karlson said...

I would remind you that the first thing speaker pelousy and dingy harry reid did was raise the minimum wage. (Which GWB signed to his discredit). Since the House has turned less anti-business, the markets have been adjusting to the new costs. But, it does nothing for all of the young and minorities that can't find work because the democrats have priced them out of the market in the name of fairness, a living wage or for the children.