I think it was nine years ago I first suggested that universities identify the high schools that sent unprepared students, and bill them for the remedial courses.  Earlier this year, Tennessee lawmakers considered such a policy.  Wisconsin legislator John Jagler (R- Watertown) introduced a bill that would require the state university system to identify by school district the proportion of students requiring a second go at high school.  (Nobody has yet proposed that the universities send the school districts the bill.  I'll take one slice of the pizza at a time.)

Governor Walker has signed the bill.
"I've heard from many parents who were stunned to learn that despite getting good enough grades to get into a UW system school, their kids aren't prepared to start their college career," Jagler said. "My hope is that by shining a light on what schools these students attended, discussions can begin at the local and state level on finding solutions to better prepare students for higher education."
Watertown is not a poverty pocket. I expect these reports to shake a few people up.

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