Right Wisconsin's Kevin Binversie makes the case for an "Off" switch, or perhaps for a rediscovery of bourgeois convention.
American political discord has been on a collision course towards something like this week’s shooting in Alexandria for some time now. The only true mystery was how it would play out and how honestly both sides of the aisle would accept their share of the blame.

On the Left you have an “Anything Goes” attitude towards political combat which goes back decades. Today, it manifests itself as “The Resistance,” a do-whatever-is-necessary opposition to President Donald Trump who have taken the art of the political freakout to new levels by turning the mundane actions which every presidential administration does into an almost non-stop series of 24-hour scandals, weekend themed protests, and tantrum-filled town halls.

While many on the Right, feeling hamstrung by decades of seeing their side play by “Marquess of Queensbury Rules” when the other side clearly wasn’t, have openly embraced a champion – false though he may be – in Trump believing he will “fight” when others before him didn’t. Gone are the days of principled moral stances based on the debate of facts, reason, and logic. What stands now in its place is a political tribalism where the color of the jersey matters more than the argument being offered.
Augmented, as he notes, by the increasingly universal and zero-sum nature of politics. "Perhaps the best thing is for us to remember that politics isn’t everything."

Indeed not, but that would be the end of the Permanent Bipartisan Establishment as we understand it.  National politics has degenerated into Setting National Standards, and the difficulties implementing such that follows ought be a lesson in scaling back what the Permanent Bipartisan Establishment keeps pushing.

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