The Harsco Track Renewal Train was making its way west on the north main (Chicago and North Western Track Two, Union Pacific Track One) through DeKalb and Malta.

Old rail being taken up from the left, new rail being threaded in at the right.  Tie clips to be installed next.

At the time, I was under the impression the south main would be worked on in 2010: as of this summer it is still the traditional wood ties.  Perhaps Union Pacific are having second thoughts about concrete ties, which are supposed to be good for a quarter century.  There have been several summer campaigns replacing broken concrete ties in the past few years.

Meanwhile, here's today's German compound word, describing their version of a track renewal train.

Retrieved from The Isoblog.

That's simply the MGW ballast cleaning machine, it being the Continental custom to take up, screen, and replace the ballast, rather than scooping a lot of it out and putting down new ballast once the ties and rails are in place.  The MGW source some equipment from Kirow Leipzig, for today's Cold War reference.

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