Richard "Belmont Club" Fernandez observed the emergence of a more militarized police on the streets of London.  "An unsustainable program of political correctness killed the very thing it swore to protect."  Enough, already, with celebrating diversity.  Here's Margaret "University Diaries" Soltan.  "Theresa May is even – reportedly – looking into a burqa ban, something an overwhelming majority of British people have supported for years."  Professor Soltan's objection to burqas is pure-dee equity feminism:  no way do we affirm a cultural tradition that denies to some women the liberties others enjoy.

And these are the moderate responses.  David "Spengler" Goldman wants to remind the denizens of the council houses and banlieus that war is cruelty and you cannot refine it.  First, though, the insane multiculturalism that affirms repressive cultural traditions must be named, shamed, and mocked.
The West fears the power of Islam: it evinces such fear by praising Islam as a religion of peace, by squelching dissent in the name of fighting supposed Islamophobia, and by offering concessions and apologies to Muslims. Ordinary Muslims live in fear of the terror networks, which have infiltrated their communities and proven their ability to turn the efforts of western security services against them. They are less likely to inform on prospective terrorists and more likely to aid them by inaction.
It is time for Law Enforcement to regain its monopoly on violence.
When snipers fired on Union soldiers from Tennessee or Kentucky villages, Sherman expelled residents, burned houses, and laid waste to crops. There are lessons here for what we used to call, quaintly, the Global War on Terror.

Destroying ISIS, al-Qaeda and other Muslim terror groups is not particularly difficult, far less difficult than Sherman or Sheridan’s task during the Civil War. It simply requires doing some disgusting things. Western intelligence doesn’t have to infiltrate terror groups, tap phones, mine social media postings and so forth (although these doubtless are worth doing). Muslim communities in the West will inform on the terrorists. They will tell police when someone has packed up and gone to Syria, and when he has returned. They will tell police who is talking about killing westerners, who has a suspicious amount of cash, who is listening to broadcasts from Salafist preachers.

They will tell western security services everything they need to know, provided that western security services ask in the right way. I mean in Phil Sheridan’s way. Like the victorious Union generals of the Civil War, the West& does not have to be particularly clever. It simply needs to understand what kind of war is is fighting.
That starts by recognizing it is war, that war is cruelty, and refining it is difficult.
The way to win the war is to frighten the larger community of Muslims who passively support terror by action or inaction–frighten them so badly that they will inform on family members. Frightening the larger Muslim population in the West does not require a great deal of effort: a few thousand deportations would do. Western intelligence services do not even have to deport the right people; the wrong people know who they are, and so do many of their neighbors. The ensuing conversation is an easy one to have. “I understand that your nephew is due for deportation, Hussein, and I believe you when you tell me that he has done nothing wrong. I might be able to help you. But you have to help me. Give me something I can use–and don’t waste my time by making things up, or I swear that I’ll deport you, too. If you don’t have any information, then find out who does.”

This approach to quashing insurgency has worked numerous times in the past. It is not characteristic of peacetime life in western democracies, to be sure, but neither was Phil Sheridan’s ride through the Shenandoah. We prefer to think about winning hearts and minds. Winning the hearts and minds of a people, though, isn’t difficult once they fear you.
Whether the propagandists of Jihad or the conscience-cowboys of the Academic-Media-Entertainment Complex will be the first, or the loudest, to object, remains to be seen.

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