STRATEGIC PLANNING IN AN ERA OF DOWNSIZING. "Lack of new professors worries administrators," notes the Northern Star. It is hard to resist saying "I told you so." In 1995, I was not terribly popular in university committees for objecting to enrollment-boosting and retention-enhancing dilutions of the curriculum, including one-credit courses on how to study or how to go to college. My point at the time was that the middle schools were bursting at the seams, and in six years ... well, our enrollments have returned to 1987 levels, but there are fewer professors in the Economics Department today then there were in 1995. The subject heading for this post is from a 1998 advertisement when the Department did an external search for a chairman. (One of these days I have to get some exact figures on the proliferation of administrators. That would be the first step in my strategic plan, which would be to discuss a different career with most of them.)

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