WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE. Passenger Rail advocates who don't understand the freight railroads are not helpful to the cause. Here's another example from Destination: Freedom.

Rebuilding the nation’s passenger railroad has got to be put at the top of our priority list. We had a system not so long ago that was the envy of the world; now we have service that the Bulgarians would be ashamed of.

The tracks are still lying out there rusting in the rain, waiting to be fixed. The job doesn’t require the reinvention of anything -- we already know how to do it. Rebuilding the system would put scores of thousands of people to work at meaningful jobs at all levels. The fact that we’re barely talking about it shows what an unserious people we have become.

Rebuilding the American passenger-railroad system has an additional urgent objective: We need a doable project that can build our confidence and sense of collective purpose in facing all the other extraordinary challenges posed by the long emergency -- especially rebuilding local networks of commerce and re-localizing agriculture.

Was I hallucinating, when, on Sunday morning, a stack train topped by five motors and tailed by two ripped past Chesapeake Bagel at about 70 per?

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