DOUBLE ENTENDRE.  Words mean things.  Look closely at this news report about Osama bin Laden's blind buyer.
Pakistan stepped up its attempt to convince the world that it didn't know where bin Laden was located. They maintain that the al-Qaida leader's ability to hide in Abbottabad, an army town just two hours drive from the capital, was the result of government oversight, not double dealing.
Pakistan's government is fortunate that the United States is a republic, not an empire.  The proper imperial reaction would be to take out the terrorist, extract the special forces, and convert the nearby military academy into a landfill.

Despite my carpings about the parlous state of education in the United States, some inquisitive students can still puzzle out problems that escape our Best and Brightest.
“The theory was basically that if you’re going to try and survive, you’re going to a region with a low extinction rate: a large town,” [UCLA geographer Thomas] Gillespie says. “We hypothesized he wouldn’t be in a small town where people could report on him.”

“It’s not my thing to do this type of [terrorism] stuff,” he says. “But the same theories we use to study endangered birds can be used to do this.”

In the end, they zeroed in on a Pakistani border town called Parachinar which has, among other things, access to medical care. Then they predicted the exact building he would be in by making assumptions as to the characteristics of the building itself, such as high enough ceilings to accommodate bin Laden’s 6’4” frame, a fence, privacy, and electricity.
The paper was finished in 2009 and published in the February 17, 2009 electronic edition of MIT International Review.

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