DEFIES PARODY. "We view mathematics as one area of knowledge constructed by humans in order to understand and learn about our world. We believe that major objectives of all education are to shatter the myths about how society is structured; to understand the effects of, and interconnections among racism, sexes, ageism, heterosexism, monopoly capitalism, imperialism, and other alienating, totalitarian institutional structures and attitudes; to develop the commitment to rebuild those structures and attitudes; and, to develop the personal and collective empowerment needed to engage that task." That's the mission of the Critical Mathematics Educators Group (via Joanne Jacobs.). I first have to invoke the Jargon Theorem: any title that includes "critical" and "educators" and "group" is likely to be wordnoise. I also have to ask these folks to find the sexism, let alone the alienation, or the classism, in "a function is quasiconcave if and only if it has convex superior sets."

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