FOURTH TURNING ALERT. "Peace kills," notes Atlantic Blog, referring readers to Bill Keller's column about war fears. Here's Keller's thesis: "Ah, the memories. The paragraphs above are constructed entirely from coverage of our national mood in the winter of 1991. Reading those old files made me wonder if maybe George Santayana was only half right: even those who remember history are condemned to repeat it.

A little time in the archives is a reminder that this war is in many respects a continuation of that war. We are calling to account a tyrant who has flouted the terms of his surrender. It's not just that we have been here before; technically, we never left
." I'm not familiar enough with Keynes's Economic Consequences of the Peace to draw THAT parallel. Keller, however, is onto something. The past 20 years have left a number of Big Issues unresolved. The stakes are higher this time. Keller does a careful job of laying out what those stakes are.

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