PANHANDLE HOOK. The latest storm to graze DeKalb is creating havoc in the East. Commentary on the roadworthiness of SUVs is divided: some noting those that are spinning out, others noting those that are getting through. But there are other casualties. Critical Mass appears to have suffered a power failure, and there is truly horrible news from Baltimore: "Local TV news here in Baltimore is showing film of the partial collapse of the roof of the roundhouse here at the B&O Railroad Museum. At least two sections have come down and it's said that more of it is imminent danger of falling at any moment. So far, there are no reported injuries, but from the looks of things, some of the stored equipment must be heavily damaged," reports a member of the O trains discussion list. The Baltimore and Ohio collection is distinctive. North America's oldest common-carrier railroad is one of the few to recognize that its works might be of general interest and it preserved some of its rolling stock, and that of associated companies. This summer will mark the 175th anniversary of the Baltimore and Ohio, and there is a special event planned for the end of June. That might now turn into a preservation effort as well. More details as they become available.

UPDATE: The Flying Scotsman has been providing continuing coverage of the damage to the B&O Museum and the cleanup.

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