EVIDENCE OF ABSENCE. Power Line takes a dig at the New York Times injecting editorial comment into a news article. "The Times' article is reasonably fair, but it does repeat, as though it were factual, one of the liberals' fantasies about talk radio: the idea that conservatives succeed in radio in part because of their 'fire-and-brimstone manner,' while liberals tend to present ideas in 'too much complexity.' This stereotype seems to be universal among liberals who never actually listen to talk radio. Even Rush Limbaugh has anything but a 'fire and brimstone manner,' and to characterize hosts like Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Oliver North and many others in such a way, or to suppose that they avoid 'complexity,' merely indicates that the Times reporter has never listened to them." Or to liberal talk radio hosts. "Too much complexity" might accurately describe policy-wonk writing or a good conversation with a serious academic of ANY stripe, but the Mike Malloys and Jim Hightowers and Bernie Wards and Nancy Skinners are anything but subtle. "Flying monkey right." "Moneyed interests." "Speak truth to power." Get the picture?

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