MAKING IT HARDER TO FIND THOSE MISSING TEACHERS. A previous post noted the efforts of the Chicago Public Schools to bring in additional teachers, not necessarily credentialled, in science and algebra (curmudgeon's note: there is no mathematics taught in the common schools.) The post alluded to working conditions. Number 2 Pencil and Joanne Jacobs have picked up the story. As Ms Swygert notes,
Teachers are being attacked for doing their jobs, and they aren't getting the support they need from school officials. Security guards, closed-circuit TV systems, and the like might help catch attackers after the fact, but it won't prevent the "cultural meltdown" that has resulted in daily abuse of teachers. Parents aren't stopping it; they say they're afraid of their own kids. Principals aren't doing enough; one violent first-grader, whose assault left a teacher unable to open her mouth for four months, was suspended for only one day, and the principal refused the teacher's request for counseling for the student.
At the risk of sounding repetitive, what kind of children does the village raise, when the village has all the redeeming features of a hippie commune and a slum?

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