I SUPPOSE IT'S TO BE EXPECTED. Students at Indiana University petitioned to cancel class the Monday after the Super Bowl, and a few Northern Illinois students thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

According to NIU Vice Provost Earl Seaver, there are no plans to cancel classes on the day after the Super Bowl, despite the student petition that originated on Facebook.

The group hosting the petition was created on the online networking Web site last week by freshman English major John Talarico,, urging students to join an effort to get the university's attention with hopes they would cancel classes the day after the Super Bowl.

"I have already heard that a lot of students will not be attending class on Monday due to being out of town, with some even going to the game in Miami," Talarico said. "Having the extra day off would be ideal."

When asked about student petitions, Seaver said, "The university has no such provision, as far as I know, in our bylaws regarding petitions."

The original idea for the group came from a student at Indiana University in Bloomington. According to the group, if enough people were able to petition to cancel classes, the university would look into it. But when asked about the situation, Damon Sims, Indiana University's associate vice president for Student Affairs, shot down the rumor.

"The university has no formal policy about petitions because they are not part of formal decision-making processes," Sims said.

Unofficial requests to accommodate attendance at Tuesday night football are another matter.

On the Sunday of the game, however, much of the campus will be standing down. I have learned of shorter hours at the libraries and of the closing of the afternoon open swim session.

Blue and orange remain the theme until Monday morning.

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