SK-N-X-X-X. I had occasion to listen to Air America on Chicago's WCPT this afternoon. The programming I heard is unlikely to change many minds. The show was founder Al Franken himself, with guest Joe Conason. One would think that, with the widespread discontent with President Bush's continuation of the counterinsurgency in Iraq, there would be lots of things the founder and his guest could do to get people excited about inconsistencies in the Administration's position, or potential howlers by Administration officials in Senate hearings, or about making the case that the conditions of the Iraq Liberation Act (as if one government has the authority to pass such a law!) were met long ago, with perhaps the humor and liveliness of Rush Limbaugh, who, in much of the country, airs in the same time slot as Mr Franken.

No such luck. Imagine Garrison Keillor's "News from Lake Wobegon" in low gear. Fortunately I had a decent night's sleep and a medium mocha in the cup-holder. I've had yellow-dog Democrat Silent Generation colleagues who could find more humor in the situation than this lot did.

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