Don't mess with Cajun Mama.
Train travel with Amtrak is what travel by air used to be like. I realize traveling by train is the alternative to driving, but with the craziness of the TSA over the past decade, paired with the airline’s nickel and dime shenanigans, train travel should be the alternative to flying. Yes, it will take you longer to get to your destination, but if you factor in layovers, missed connections, and cancelled flights, Amtrak is where it’s at.
Note, that's on the etiolated City of New Orleans (you only think this is a Tip Top Tap, it's really the dining section of the cafe-lounge that now passes as a dining car) running on slowed-down Illinois Central tracks.

Image courtesy Cajun Mama.

Imagine double or triple-daily service, or a full four or five trains a day between Chicago and Memphis, and the 110 mph running reintroduced on The Main Line of Mid America south of Kankakee.

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