The beginning of Big Boy 4014's move to Cheyenne merited television coverage.

The locomotive will be pulled by the current 4014, a diesel, once it reaches Union Pacific's rails.

I still maintain these are the good old days of railroading.  The return of steam locomotives only makes them better.  In addition to 4014, Trains reports that the New England Steam Corporation hopes to return Maine Central 470, a Pacific on the Atlantic Coast, to operation.  The locomotive has been displayed outside even longer than 4014, although, like 4014, it received some care before being put on display outside the railroad's Waterville shops.  Overseas, HRH The Prince of Wales has given his assent to naming a replica Gresley P-2 2-8-2 Prince of Wales.
These 2-8-2 locomotives were the most powerful express passenger locomotives to operate in the U.K., designed by Sir Nigel Gresley to haul 600-ton trains on the arduous Edinburgh, Scotland, to Aberdeen route. The P2 company is building the seventh member of this class and will demonstrate how the design can be fully realized through use of modern computer design and modelling techniques, enabling it to deliver its full potential hauling passenger trains at high speed across the national network. It is estimated that $8 million will be needed to build No. 2007 over 7-10 years, with funds being raised through public subscription. The formal launch of the project will take place in February 2014.
The P2 Steam Corporation hope to take advantage of commonalities between the P2 and the Peppercorn A1.
The P2 is the most frequently requested locomotive The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust has been asked to build next. In addition to its striking looks, incredible power and undoubted glamour it also has around 70% commonality with Tornado, including the boiler, tender and many other detailed fittings. However, the design was never fully developed and the locomotives failed to reach their full potential. The Trust has therefore conducted a feasibility study into the construction of a new Gresley P2, to be numbered 2007 as the next in the series.
Standardisation, as the British would have it, is useful. On The Pennsylvania Railroad, the same boiler made steam for the G5s 4-6-0 and the H9s and H10s 2-8-0, and a larger boiler served the K4s 4-6-2 and the L1s 2-8-2.  Sir Nigel Gresley would do no less.

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