The last work of the school of Tom Clancy to have had the master's approval of the final draft is Command Authority, written with Mark Greaney.  I started the 2012 Fifty Book Challenge with a review of their Locked On, in which I suspected that today's events got into the plot.  Book Review No. 2 for 2014 has little to add to that observation, particularly in light of a Soviet Russian president with background in KGB, er, CVS (no, that's a drug store, the acronyms are hard to follow at times, FSB!) that only gives interviews to sympathetic journalists, particularly leggy ones.  But with something resembling a rebellion brewing in Ukraine and the only first lady with intellectual chops remotely resembling those of Lady Catherine Ryan, M.D., F.A.C.S. nearly anointed as the Democrat nominee, perhaps the fiction is close enough to the truth to warrant a read.

I purchased the book at the W. H. Smith in North Western Station, where it was promotionally priced, and finished reading it during last Monday's train riding.

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