Eight years on, and some things don't change.  Here, I was contemplating Northern Illinois hosting Iowa at Soldier Field, and Bowling Green hosting Wisconsin at Cleveland.
Although margin of victory doesn't figure in the bowl rankings the way it used to, there are still incentives for the Big Ten teams to run up scores on their Mid-American opponents. And in the end, the visibility gained may not be all that great. Bowling Green's experience is likely to be similar against Wisconsin.
That year, the Mid-American was selling wins to other conferences. Conditions have improved, with Northern Illinois defeating Northwestern and Bowling Green defeating Indiana earlier this season.  Against elite teams, however, different year, same story.  Northern Illinois went to Arkansas, where Brett Bielema is installing a Wisconsin-style running game, and it ended badly.  Bowling Green went to Wisconsin, where the Wisconsin-style running game did its best emulation of Third Army, at one time going on a 48-0 run.

Those are the divisional favorites in the Mid-American.  Elsewhere, the sideshow that is digesting Eastern Michigan went on, this time with Michigan State rolling up the score; and poor Massachusetts, re-thinking its presence in the Mid-American, got molested by Ped, er, Penn State.

Makes me wonder whether the student activity fee money is well-spent, when you know Kirk Herbstreit and the other nay-sayers are going to point to these results when Mid-American teams open their bowl bids in December.

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