While I was out of the country, one of my favorite ghetto politicians got arrested participating in another raise-the-minimum-wage protest.
[Representative] Moore later said in a statement she took “great pride in supporting Milwaukee workers as they risk arrest in pursuit of a brighter tomorrow for their families.” The congresswoman’s district includes Milwaukee.

Obama and congressional Democrats have made raising the minimum wage a centerpiece of the midterm election campaign.
That says volumes about what Milwaukee Public Schools and the Great Society have done for the jobs prospects of Milwaukee's poor.  A higher minimum wage would have a salutary effect on the fortunes of burger-flipping robot manufacturers (and there's a smart-phone app for your mocha latte already), and at one time Milwaukee produced the sort of blue-collar aristocrat necessary to properly manufacture such a machine.

And Representative Moore could still show her activist bona fides.  Management and labor at Otis Elevator could do well by appearing to do good, when elevator operators were minimum wage workers.

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