Going into Tuesday's primary, he and Mrs Clinton are ahead in a recent poll.  And the two Democrats will elaborate on "No True Progressive" again tonight, in Flint, on CNN.  It's unlikely to be as wild as the recent Republican throwdown in Detroit, but yet, there is potential.

Also in the weekend's news, "Chaotic Crowd Looking To Buy New Air Jordan Shoes Forces Eastland Mall To Close."  Eastland Mall is one of the compass-point malls that used to surround major cities, e.g. "in the Dales" from Prairie Home Companion, or on the ridges north and south of Milwaukee.

You know the comment section at that report is going to be nasty.  (It is.)  You know that the punditry and the experts in social psychology will be trotting out all the usual "isms" and "ologies" to make the Trump voters (and there are many, and they are neither impressed with ruling class posturing nor likely to be guilt-tripped) out to be, shall we say, Retrograde and Socially Unenlightened.

Perhaps, but the elite that emerges in the new, no-ethnic-majority United States that is baked into the demographic pie is going to have to tackle the deleterious consequences of the cults of "authenticity" and "transgressiveness" and "intersectionality" that rationalize the ruling class looking the other way at Shoppers Behaving Badly, while that same ruling class sneers at what we used to view as mainstream Americans, who don't need to hear dog whistles when they can see the social rot all around them.

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