In the New York Post, Amir Taheri distinguishes the melting pot from the fruit salad, particularly the salad served up by self-despising multiculturalists.
America’s strength comes from its multiculturalism, but that’s only true only when all its people, all its races and religions, believe in the same values. Liberals fetishize separation, arguing that immigrants don’t need to learn English, don’t need to stop subjugating women with hijabs and arranged marriages, don’t need to become citizens. They encourage otherness rather than integration. They want immigrants to change the country, rather than the other way around. They say Islam is not the enemy — but that’s only true if Islam is a religion and not a political ideology bent on undermining democracy.

Brussels is the result of this thinking. It’s what happens when immigrants are allowed to construct their own state within a state, not pushed to become part of a nation.
There are subtleties to assimilation, but the United States, as an ideological nation (even if the core idea of what it means to be a citizen is emergent) has advantages over the advanced tribal societies that European countries still are.  But you don't go messing with the mediating institutions.  That's the guts of Rush Limbaugh, expanding yesterday on Mr Taheri's column.
Meanwhile, liberalism, socialism, the European western social democratic model is doing the same thing the left is doing in this country, attacking the fundamental nationality and culture of each individual country, trying to erase it and replace it with whatever they dream their utopia to be.  So there's nothing to assimilate to.  So, borders are open to one and all to come in and be who they were rather than assimilate, and it's bye-bye country, be it Belgium, be it the United Kingdom, be it Denmark, take your pick, be it the United States.
It's more complicated in the European welfare states, where the governing classes for a long time saw immigration as a way of importing the labor force the domestic population was no longer producing (women would have no more children, and the men lost reason and faith?) and collecting the payroll taxes required to continue to fund the welfare state.  In the United States, there still are ways for the new arrivals to buy into America.

It's imperative for policy makers to continue to protect those ways, and refrain from sticking their fingers in the eyes of existing mainstream Americans.

The militias await.

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