Stephen Moore, "For at least the last two decades, most of the dynamism and growth -- as measured by population movements, income growth and job creation -- has been fleeing from the once economically dominant blue states that Clinton won and relocating to the red states that Trump won."

Yes, the urban agglomeration economies still favor the states with the big cities.  That is, until the taxing authorities in those states use their power destructively.
The Clinton states are in a slow bleed. That is in no small part because their governments have adopted the entire "progressive" playbook: high tax rates; high welfare benefits; heavy hand of regulation; excessive minimum wages; and war on fossil fuels. These states dutifully check all the progressive boxes.
These states are also nowhere near as optimistic, dynamic, or forward looking as Mrs Clinton would have her audience in India believe. "Clinton wanted to make America look more like Illinois and Connecticut. Maybe that's the real reason why she lost."

That's Illinois, just watching Wisconn Valley take shape.  (Yeah, I threw in some more Spanferkl and Dunkelbrau for the fun of it!)

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