Apparently not just anybody should be running the Voice of (Leftist) America, according to Laura Flanders.
I don’t know about you, but I take a teeny weeny bit of offense when a guy in a glass house lobs a great big stone and expects me not to notice the sound of shattering.

Which brings me to National Public Radio. When the ubiquitous news and public affairs network announced the appointment of a new CEO, it noted that John Lansing made his mark in his current job with “stirring defenses of journalism, free from government interference.”

This had me picking through the shards when they went on to explain that Lansing comes to NPR from the United States Agency for Global Media, a federally-funded organization whose express mission is to interfere in journalism by doing it, in such as way as to promote American policy values all across the world.
Hilarious. It doesn't matter whether the release writer was somebody steeped in the ways of Public Radio, which is to say, carrying water for the Permanent Bipartisan Establishment, or a recently-hired hack attempting to pad a resume while there is a Trump presidency and a bit of maneuvering room for libertarians.

The use of public money for radio programming is censorship per se, whether that's explicitly in the mission statement, as in "promote American policy values," or hidden under a lot of Kultursmog about "inclusion" or "diversity" or whatever it is that makes public radio the default news source on almost any campus.

This Flanders babe sounds like she's a lot of fun to hang out with.
Lansing’s not the first NPR director to come from VOA. Nor is he, of course, the first stale, pale male heading up an organization that claims it wants to move into the 21st Century. But jeez. The hypocrisy is hard to take. What next? A Morning Edition report on kettles being black?
Radios come with a tuning circuit and an on-off switch. I understand there are some good pennant races going on in baseball right now.

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