SUPPORT ISRAEL, BUT NOT IF YOU'RE NOT JEWISH. I'm only embellishing things slightly. Two poor excuses for professors at St. Cloud State University objected to the content of an information kiosk set up by the local College Republicans.

"The kiosk displayed a 39-page list of the names of all of those killed by terrorists from Jan 2002 through Oct 2002. It also included a display, which profiled some of the terrorist groups operating in and around Israel and Palestine and some literature that symbolized Israel’s right to defense and self-preservation. Above the kiosk flew a replica of the Israeli national colors."

The flag antagonized the two abusers of their tenured status, because as Jews, they objected to an Israeli flag being displayed by Gentiles. So far, so identity politics. One of the two role models further took exception to one of the students taking pictures of another student who was responding to their objection, going so far as to attempt to grab the camera. The St. Cloud Times has the story. According to the tenure-abuser, "Yes, I immaturely went for the camera, but I didn't harm him. I didn't grab his neck ...It looked a lot worse than it was. I did not try to hurt the man. Am I sorry? Yes. Do I regret it? Yes. Did I assault him? No."

Excuse me, that's a pretty good description of a mugging, by Milwaukee, Detroit, or Chicago standards. Does this role model deserve sensitivity training? No. Ten days plus a year of community service would be about right for an attempted mugging.

The students are taking the university administration to court Monday. Developing ...

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