SEEKING AGING HIPPIES? Power Line nails it:
Many of our readers are too young to remember the 60's. Well, we were there, and suffice it to say, this country will go back to 1969 over our cold, dead bodies (to paraphrase the Rifleman and, before him, Phil Gramm). If the election comes down to a contest between those who are stuck in the late 60's and those who have moved on, Dean is in deep, deep trouble.
Quite so. Here's Governor Dean: "We felt the possibilities were unlimited then. We were making such enormous progress. It resonates with a lot of people my age. People my age really felt that way." Let's review the history, which The Fourth Turning captures in microcosm in July of that year: the moon landing offered one view of progress and possibilities, Woodstock another, and Senator Kennedy's car crash a third. (The Beatles may have been preparing to go their separate ways then, also a metaphor for the times.) It is difficult to view much of what followed after July of 1969, particularly in culture, education, and politics, as an improvement on what came before.

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